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- Biography -

After more than fifteen years of friendship, we can finally realize our common project: POLCHA, a unique furniture collection. 

Our collaboration stems from a mix between modern and classic cultures, between art and fashion.
We commonly value quality, aesthetics and perenniality. 
This project is above all a wish to re-use what already exists to recreate and reinvent. To make it possible, we combine ancestral techniques and graphic research.

Each piece is entirely checked, revamped and reinvented. 

Being both independent for 10 years, our respective paths are now our common identity.
Charlotte T, graduate of Studio Bercot, worked in collaboration with different
fashion Houses in Paris, London and Italy. She is specialized in design and development and particularly enjoyed her work with manifacturers in Italy, to link creativity , material researches and Savoir Faire.
Pauline L, graduate of ESAG-Penninghen and gold medalist of the Van Der Kellen Institute, produces frescoes, sign painting, glasses gliding,scenography and Trompe-l’oeil with creators ans artisans.


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